Start each day

Start each day happy 😁

Try and I repeat TRY to stay happy.

Trust me, not an easy task to pull off but with focus, positive thoughts and the ability to tune out certain people and situations it csn be done…(so they say) lol

But, you should be able to have at least a little happy time first thing in the morning (hopefully)


December is here!
The last month of the year.
Have you achieved all you wanted this year?
If not then keep at it.
Always keep working towards what you want!
The months pass by whether you’re aiming for your goals or not, so you might as well stay focused, get focused or refocus and continue on! Small progress is better than no progress.

This month can be difficult for some due to losses in their lives, or using excuse of holidays & holiday parties to lose track of their goals and just let things go. Stay on track the best you can yet live a life of no regrets! It can be done!

Make this last month the best month.


We all go through nonsense at some point in our life.
It’s what we do with those situations that makes the difference.
We can either learn from it, grow from it or let it destroy us.
GROW through it!
Take what you can from even the worst situations and somehow turn it into a positive…
whether it made you stronger, smarter, got rid of bad aspects or whatever…
You can grow through the crap just as the lotus grows through mud- strong and beautiful!