Know it gets better

Easier said than done, trust me…I know!
But it helps to stay positive and know that it gets better (eventually).
Whatever you’re going through and dealing with, know (and trust) that it does get better…
maybe not today or tomorrow or even next week but it does get better (least that’s what I’m holding on to)
Everyone has a story of what they’ve already survived or are currently surviving so know and believe (and think & find the positive) and go on i anticipation for the “better” that lies ahead

Positive attitude & a knife

Normally I wouldn’t post an image that wasnt mine here but this morning this just grabbed my attention and I’m rolling with it…

Sometimes you just have to laugh and not take things so seriously because reality is we can try to be positive all we want but someone or something will come along to try us and well then…
Obviously a knife shouldn’t be the answer but certainly feel that way at times.
But, get through that moment and back on track to a positive life no matter what comes your way.