Since it is Valentine’s Day and it can be a hard day for some I just want to remind you to LOVE YOURSELF!
You do not have to, nor should you, rely on someone else to love you to make you feel loved!
You are worthy of love, you should always love yourself and who you are.
You are a complete being…accept that and make sure to love yourself!
Today & every day!!!!

Know it gets better

Easier said than done, trust me…I know!
But it helps to stay positive and know that it gets better (eventually).
Whatever you’re going through and dealing with, know (and trust) that it does get better…
maybe not today or tomorrow or even next week but it does get better (least that’s what I’m holding on to)
Everyone has a story of what they’ve already survived or are currently surviving so know and believe (and think & find the positive) and go on i anticipation for the “better” that lies ahead

You can start over

So, you had a rough/bad day?
Didn’t focus on the positive?
Let the negative/drama/etc get to you? (I know I did…yesterday!)
Guess what…
You can start over!
Today’s a new day!
Start over on fresh page and try lil harder to see the positive and think positive thoughts.
Take it one day at a time!


most people dread today.
But why?
Monday is just another day!
IF you’re doing what you enjoy or even if not (you’re stuck in a job or situation you’d rather not be in) you can still change your mindset and look forward to what you achieve by being there and getting through today just like any other day…bringing you closer to your goals or what you desire one Monday at a time.
Make time for yourself today also!
Everyone looks forward to the weekend so they can ‘do something’ or ‘have fun’
Well, why wait til the weekend?!
Do what you enjoy every day…even if only for a few minutes, then maybe you won’t dislike Monday so much!
It’s all about your mindset!
Now, go ENJOY!