Write your future

Leave the past behind,focus on the now while
writing your future.

We all have a past, it’s what’s made you who you are today.
Some are broken by the past, others strong but whatever you are you hold the pen to write the rest of your story.
You have that power, just dig within and embrace it, use it.
Not saying that you won’t still have to do things you may not want but you can focus on positive outcome you want and work towards that.
Don’t allow someone else to finish your story.

Feed the positive

Starve the negative.
Feed the positive.

It’s just like if you starve yourself, you’ll dwindle down to nothing.
If you feed yourself, you’re giving nourishment and life.
Same concept with positive and negative thoughts.
Feed the positive ones and your body and mind will become stronger,
healthier, better.
Starve the negative and soon you’ll notice there aren’t as many negative
thoughts or feelings and the positive will be more apparent!