Start each day

Start each day happy 😁

Try and I repeat TRY to stay happy.

Trust me, not an easy task to pull off but with focus, positive thoughts and the ability to tune out certain people and situations it csn be done…(so they say) lol

But, you should be able to have at least a little happy time first thing in the morning (hopefully)

Positive attitude & a knife

Normally I wouldn’t post an image that wasnt mine here but this morning this just grabbed my attention and I’m rolling with it…

Sometimes you just have to laugh and not take things so seriously because reality is we can try to be positive all we want but someone or something will come along to try us and well then…
Obviously a knife shouldn’t be the answer but certainly feel that way at times.
But, get through that moment and back on track to a positive life no matter what comes your way.


Put your dream in writing.
Seeing it there helps you know exactly what you want, what you’re working towards and gives you something to truly aim for.
You might need to tweak it from time to time, which is fine, just make sure your dream reasonates with you, your soul and your true desires.
Stay focused, work on your dream, do what you need to and you’ll make progress!
Visualize it, draw it, write it, plan it, embrace it, work for it!
Your dreams can come true!

Push forward


We all have days or moments within the day where we just don’t feel like going on…
we need an extra kick or push to get motivated.
Allow yourself the moment but don’t turn it into days, weeks, or longer.
Rest… but don’t quit or give up.


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